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Natifi Technologies is empowering the next wave of the no-code revolution with its proprietary products.

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The No-Code Revolution is here! is being used by the world's leading organisations to create, design and
manage their enterprise technology solutions in different business verticals and industries.


Natifi products are all No-Code platforms built to empower enterprises to take control of their enterprise technology solutions. Our products use features such as real-time mobile simulators, drag & drop builders and intuitive management panels to automate workflows and increase efficiencies across verticals.


Our products are used to create, deploy and manage Native applications. Natifi enables enterprises to create native/custom user experiences for its users through its No-Code platforms. This allows enterprises to leverage our products to scale up and reduce high technology overheads.

Seamless Deployments

Natifi platforms enables its users to seamlessly deploy their Native applications with just a few clicks. Datafi, our data collection and workflow platform allows users to instantly deploy their apps to the Datafi app present on the app stores. Storifi follows a similar such process. Deploy quicker & deploy smarter with Natifi products.

Management Panels

Natifi products enable users to not only create, design and deploy their enterprise solutions but to also seamlessly manage them through robust management panels. Both of our products namely, Storifi & Datafi enable users to take control of and manage their data, users and resources. Visit our Natifi product websites to know more.

Convert your Shopify Store into a Native (iOS & Android) App in Minutes!

Storifi is a fully automated No-Code platform that enables Shopify store owners to scale their business by creating E-Commerce mobile apps. Using Storifi’s intuitive platform, E-Commerce enterprises can create, design, deploy & manage their entire mobile infrastructure through our No-Code platform. Our product enables businesses to save technology costs, time, effort & helps grow their businesses all with a few clicks.

Automate Workflows & Processes for your Enterprise Instantly! 

Natifi is a workflow automation platform that powers enterprise form solutions. With Natifi, businesses can create, design, develop, maintain, analyze, and manage their workflows and all related data. The Natifi platform is a fully No-Code experience that enables enterprises to reduce technology costs by a factor of at least 60 to 70%. Natifi with its unique platform is empowering the enterprise form revolution.

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